Best Insulation was founded in 2006 by Carey Lafayette with a single insulation rig. Serving commercial and residential customers in Austin, Texas and surrounding areas, Best Insulation can help evaluate, remove and apply insulation to any size structure.
Carey Lafayette is an experienced construction tradesman with over 25 years of construction experience, including all insulation applications. With many decades of helping builders and homeowners save time and money at all stages of the construction process, your insulation needs are only a phone call away!
Best Insulation can help with:

  • Foam insulation, both Open and Closed Cell foam
  • 3 types of fiberglass insulation:  batt insulation, blown-in-blankets (BIB’s) and blown fiberglass
  • Cellulose insulation, both dry and wet blown applications
  • Ignition and thermal coatings.

We can help you with insulation needs for new construction and existing structures. Since every insulation need is different, it is best to have us look at your structure and evaluate your specific needs.  After we take a survey, and speak with you to determine what type of insulation you request after we offer our professional opinion, you will receive an estimate for your removal and/or requested application.
Current capabilities and infrastructure include three foam and one fiberglass rigs. No matter what size job you need insulation for, we can handle it!
Travis Lafayette, Carey’s son and business partner, handles all of the business’ finances and planning and day to day operations.