DIY Insulation and Blow In Insulation

This is somewhat of a quick reference guide about DIY Insulation and installing blown attic insulation into your house.  The reason most homeowners are looking into insulating an attic is because they have “cold” or “hot” spots in their house depending on the time of the year.  Despite the recent cold fronts, Austin is about to start heating up.  Many home owners will start looking into blown attic insulation, and researching attic insulation cost.  Home Depot and Lowe’s both offer DYI insulation options.  They will even throw in the blow in insulation machine for free for you to add attic insulation.  At both Lowe’s and Home Depot blow in attic insulation cost about $.50 a square foot for R-19, and that’s just for the material.

While this may seem reasonable for blow in insulation, it is higher than Best Insulation charges a sq/ft for R-22 blown attic insulation.  Some insulation companies over charge home owners for blown attic insulation, but at Best Insulation we always charge a fair rate.  In order for the home owner to understand the process, we show them our square foot pricing as well as the square footage of our take off so they know they are being charged a fair price for attic insulation.  If you are thinking about adding attic insulation this summer and you want a bid, give Best Insulation a call and we will provide a free quote.

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